Rafiki Collection - a collab between the photographer Raffaele Cavicchi and Heritage 9.1's father, Riccardo Ferraris. Their names are here mixed together to create the word Rafiki, which in Swahili language means "friend". These new classier socks show the same stripes which characterize Heritage 9.1 socks, although in a new vertical texture: you'll see the unique vertical nuances appear when the ribbed textile opens up as soon as you wear them.


This model is also part of the Limited Edition Tie Dye Collection - a collection made of completely unique pieces which were born from the collaboration between Heritage 9.1 and a group of three tie-dyeing female artists.

Dolphin TieDye

  • Made and dreamt with love in Italy


    85% Cotton - 13% Polyamide - 2% Elastane


    One size MAN 40-45