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Love and Passion - from the past Made in Italy till today

It was April 2018 when a dear friend of mine came to meet me in the socks storehouse where I used to work, the same place that my father and his brother had managed to open after having been introduced to the business of socks by their peddler father, my grandpa.

My friend was looking for some 80’s socks that I had found some years before and that I had recently showed him. We had been both struck by the coolness of this pair of socks, already vintage yet so modern. Luckily at the time I had decided to store them in a very accurate way.  


I remember that exact moment, when I gave him those socks from the dusty stair I was standing on and I said to him: “Davide, how beautiful it would be to come up with some new socks inspired by these ones, but made of new and amazing fabrics and colors”.

His eyes glanced together with mine and he simply asked “why not?” as spontaneous as usual.


That is how Heritage 9.1 was born: a project started by two longtime friends, Davide and Riccardo, whose history is based on the Italian tradition of legendary hosiery factories and on people who still put their heart into what they produce.


To achieve our production of socks we took advantage of the historical expertise owned by some hosiery fabrics which are more than 50 years old. There, we worked together with some craftsmen who helped us to recreate a product made like it used to be but ready to be touched, worn and loved even and especially today.


Riccardo Ferraris
Co-founder & Sales Manager

Davide Marchiafava

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