Love and Passion - from the past Made in Italy till today

It was April when a dear friend of mine came to see me while I was working in my socks storehouse. He was looking for an 80’s sock that I had found some years before and that I had decided to save and store in a flawless way.


I remember that exact moment, when I gave him that sock from the stair I was standing on and I said to him “Davide, how beautiful it would be to produce a sock similar to this one, but made of new and amazing cottons and in different colours”. His eyes met mine and he simply said, “why not?”.


That is how Heritage 9.1 was born, with its history based on the Italian tradition of legendary hosiery factories and on people who still put their heart into what they produce.


To achieve our production of socks we took advantage of the historical expertise owned by some hosiery fabrics which are more than 50 years old. There, we worked together with some craftsmen who helped us to recreate a product ready to be touched, worn and admired… Made like it used to be and made to be remembered forever in our minds.


Riccardo Ferraris

Co-founder & Sales Manager

Davide Marchiafava


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