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Dad Silvio

Heritage 9.1

Love and passion. From the Made in Italy of the past to today.

One day in April, while working with my cousins in the family stocking shop, a dear friend came to see me looking for a stocking from the 80s that I had found a few years earlier and which I had kept impeccably.

At that precise moment my eyes lit up and I said to him: "How nice it would be to be able to produce a sock similar to this one, inspired by tradition, but with cotton and new and crazy colors".
A simple "Why not?" came out of his mouth.
However, his eyes crossing mine made me understand how much this idea had ignited the same hunger for creation in both.

Thus was born the story of Heritage 9.1, a story of tradition and of people who have never stopped putting their heart into what they produce. ​

Our products are made with the expertise of 50 years of history of Italian hosiery factories and craftsmen, able to recreate a product inspired by the past to touch, wear and admire.

Done as it once was and that will remain forever etched in our memory.

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